Drivers  College
        programs designed for all ages from 15 years
Saving lives on our roads  
                         Professional Driver Educators
   Safe Environment catering for All drivers from pre learner to professionals.
   Experienced trained educators with Skills in all Driver Education areas.
     Very Cost effective programs from only $100.00 Per Day (5 hours +) 
   Programs include, Pre Learner, Novice learner, All Open drivers, Trauma,
   Refresher Programs, Caravan Towing and specially designed programs.
                  Defensive and Advanced driving a speciality
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                                                                                    As we grow, so will our education programs
 Our aim and with the support of our sponsors is to save lives on the roads, be that family, friends and strangers. We believe any
driver training/education that a Driver receives can only assist them when driving a vehicle, therefore we propose the following
programs for our Drivers Education Complex for pre learner permit drivers and new learner
drivers to commence as soon as possible:-

ADVANCED DRIVING. (like the OLD Defensive Driving but Better)
Advance Driver programs are for drivers who have completed their learners and have at least their P Plates. Advanced driving
is simular to the OLD Defensive Driving but with some BASIC enhancements wityh some of the "Bad Elements" that TMR does
not like taken out. The drivers College concrete section for braking is constructed on REAL road sizes.