Drivers  College
        programs designed for all ages from 15 years
Saving lives on our roads  
                         Professional Driver Educators
   Safe Environment catering for All drivers from pre learner to professionals.
   Experienced trained educators with Skills in all Driver Education areas.
     Very Cost effective programs from only $100.00 Per Day (5 hours +) 
   Programs include, Pre Learner, Novice learner, All Open drivers, Trauma,
   Refresher Programs, Caravan Towing and specially designed programs.
                  Defensive and Advanced driving a speciality
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This page will be update quarterly:-

17 September, 2012 a big day for Drivers College as we have now forfilled all requirements of our Regional Council and will commence construction of our Complex soon.

A number of local companies are already on board with our not for profit company to establish this Complex and we are greatful for their support.  More help is needed and so if you have an interest in the welfare of your family, friends, and our community please contact us as we will be greatful for any support received no matter how small.
Speak to one of our directors on:-
       0741 811 773
or contact us on this web site

Pathway to Safer Driving ( a 2 day program) is now also operating at Drivers college.


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       Long way between "drinks" however here is an update

Well a lot has happened since I build this web page, more than I can say in this small area, the complex is still under construction, however, we are operational and have had many young drivers through our complex. Bruce our main educator is doing a fantastic job and has trained Jill s as his assistant, Both are getting along well with the student drivers who has been pre learner drivers or novice learner drivers. All have commented on the Program to your L's program  with positive support, all have learnt life saving tips and their driving have improved 100%, the pre learners who have never driven before have raving reviews of their experiance at Drivers College. They have learnt what makes a car go and what is needed to check prior to driving, adjusting their equipment before driving, starting the car, moving the car off, turning both left and right even through our duel round a bouts doing a figure 8, reversing and parking as well. Such a great program is our Pathway to your L's that it is unmatched anywhere. Designed specifically for life saving education of these pre learner and novice learner drivers that can't be matche by simulators or on public road training.

Next year 2015 sees the release of our two day program, a more advance level of driver education that includes extras such as driving in rain and how to drive on a flooded road area, changing gears for going down hills, coming to a "crest" on a hill, just to name a few  of the new life saving items in the two day program, a first aid section is also included along with one hour of free advice to parents or carers who will be  teaching their children to drive if they wish to attend (this is a free invertation).

This program is a must for any pre or novice learner driver and also for drivers on their "P''s"

Called "Pathway to Safer Driving' it is truely a intense driver education program unmatched by any other offered.

Call us to book early as this is sure to be a well supported program.