Drivers  College
        programs designed for all ages from 15 years
Saving lives on our roads  


                                           Our basic "Pathway to your L's" program

                                  A program designed to train pre learner drivers in driving a car               

                                            One day program for "Pathway to your L's" 
Here you will participate in a informal lesson on road safety and the actions and reactions you can expect to face when you obtain your learners permit to drive on a public road.  This will include a basic overview of the current road rules, why they are in place and why you need to follow them.  Your part in this lesson will involve interacting and communicating with the tutor/educator.

Introduction to the Vehicle:
NOW it is time for you to obtain your "hands on" driving session, you will actually be seated behind the steering wheel of the car, shown how to start the car and use the accelerator and brake.  This is a very important section of your driver education  program and you will be using the accelerator and brake along with other items while the car is actually running.  When your educator is satisfied that all in this group understands and can do what they have been shown, you will then proceed to you next section.  Actually driving a vehicle!!  You will be taken to one of the driver training areas that has been supplied by one of our caring sponsors, say Auto-barn Avenue, McDonalds Lane or Ginger Beer Avenue where a vehicle  will be waiting!
              At the conclusion of a lunch break you will continue with the Hands-On section of your education.
Your educator who you were with on the previous stage will take you through a question and answer session to determine what you have learnt so far, followed by a short overview check of the car.  It is important that you RELAX at all times while doing this driving course, it is meant to be "fun" as well as educational.
The first student selected to do the driving will enter the car when directed and proceed through the "check points" one at a time.
A)   sit in the car seat
B)   ensure that the cars hand brake is on
C)   adjust your mirrors
D)   adjust your seat to a comfortable driving position
E)    if you have passengers, ensure they are seat belted in
F)    adjust your seat belt and lock it in
G)   place the key in the ignition and quick check what you had done
H)   ensure the car is in park or neutral (depends on the type of car)
I)    when satisfied, turn the key and start the cars engine
J)    depress the brake and then the accelerator to fell how they are operating
The educator will then instruct you while you start driving the car, first driving in a straight line, stopping and starting a few times, followed by directing you to turn the car at the same time.  This driving will continue until your educator is satisfied you understand starting and stopping a car.  Each student in the group will take their turn at learning the starting and stopping process, at the end of this driving session a short break will be taken to calm the nerves and for afternoon tea.  At the educators discursion they may give you all, one at a time another drive of the car prior to a short informal discussion time. 
           One of our  15 year old pre learner permit drivers behind the controls of the car