Drivers  College
        programs designed for all ages from 15 years
Saving lives on our roads  
                         Professional Driver Educators
   Safe Environment catering for All drivers from pre learner to professionals.
   Experienced trained educators with Skills in all Driver Education areas.
     Very Cost effective programs from only $100.00 Per Day (5 hours +) 
   Programs include, Pre Learner, Novice learner, All Open drivers, Trauma,
   Refresher Programs, Caravan Towing and specially designed programs.
                  Defensive and Advanced driving a speciality
             Drivers College and  Driver Education Complex
Volunteers at Drivers College include:
Certification IV Transport and Logistics' (Road transport and Car Driver Training)
             Transport and Main Roads : Accredited Driver Trainer 
                              Qualified Driver Educators 
The Concept:

We decided to establish a specifically designed education complex, unlike any other, with the

latest driver education information available via our not for profit company, Drivers College.

Our mission is to "save lives on our roads through early intervention education" this includes

physical tuition of potential drivers and what can be expected when they become licenced drivers

and the responsibility that entails. To educate all drivers in the skills and knowledge required to

be safe and courteous road users along with specific specialist driver education such a defensive
driving, caravan and trailer towing, trauma education and driver refresher courses for all ages.
                                       NOT PUBLIC ROADS OR AREAS.
  Driver education starts with approx. 15 year old pre learner and novice learner drivers giving
them confidence before they drive with the general public on our roads and highways,
                                                       saving many lives.

              Driver Education from ONLY $100 per day( 5 Hours +) 



Confidence in vehicle control:

Learning the basics of driving on a complex that is off public roads gives the driving student a more
relaxed situation to learn and they can benefit by interaction with other students, who are also receiving
driving instruction from our educators. SKILLS and DRIVING techniques learned at drivers college are a
requirement to survive on our roads today ! A safe and controlled environment is the BEST area to achieve this.
Because the students are taught in a "school situation" where up to 3  (three) driving students are in each
group they gain even more practical experience. Three students per vehicle (car) is the most efficient ratio,
for quality effective learning. 
 All caring parent should consider sending their children to our Driver Education Complex when they are  
nearing the age to obtain a learners permit, or a new learner driver who has recently obtained their learners
We accept Pre Learner Drivers from most areas in Queensland at our complex for driver education, a simple
phone call or email will commence your application. If your children are having a problem with any part of their
Driving they can contact us for special training in our controlled situation to resolve their problem before they
continue with their training. We offer a safe education facility that is not available to most driving instructors
and driving schools and in specific situations that requires direct education to resolve an issue that they have
learned but can't comprehend.. 

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